As consultants we have provided all of the below requests and can be contacted to discuss any needs not listed here as experts on all facets of sports betting.

  • Trading Management – This included training, management, executive level advice, aiding recruitment and product building.
  • Risk Management – Again included training, management, executive level advice and product building.
  • Product – Led product teams, worked as BA’s and PO’s on specific items and teams of developers as expert advisors.
  • Marketing – Advised on popular and engaging campaigns and offers, as well as managing internal communications and creating unique content.
  • Bonus Management – Analysed and recommended work specific to individual clients bonusing performance and strategies.
  • Training Courses – From junior to C Level and bespoke to client requirements.
  • Platform Assessment – Independently worked to agree requirements for start-ups and migrations and aided in the process itself where required.
  • Business Review – Comprehensive analysis of performance and recommendations presented in a manner which can be understood by all involved. This has nearly always led to Service Management contracts being undertaken to a typical increase of 25% on profit.
  • Operational Review – Independently assessing businesses and providing operational advice to move forwards more successfully. Have often stayed on as retained consultants to ensure recommendations are understood.


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