About Us

Sportsbook Solutions was formed in 2013 by its two directors to offer bespoke consultancy and services to the sports betting industry. The directors themselves have over 30 years combined experience in sports betting across areas of the business including , but not limited to, Operations, Trading, Risk Management, Marketing, Bonuses/Offers, Legal Compliance, Development and Training. The directors have also worked at every level of sportsbook from Start-Up to Tier 1 (B2B and B2C) and across most regions in the world, both regulated and unregulated.

The company was formed after working and observing the skills gap in the industry which many companies suffer from with automation taking over. Whilst automation is a great cost-saving tool, it cannot interpret information in such a way as a skilled professional can. We have a track record of making large improvements in the profits of every business we have worked with by applying sports betting principles on top of the automated processes companies have. Whilst it may not be suitable or cost effective to employ a trading and risk management team in-house, Sportsbook Solutions can provide services to suit a company to have access to these skills on board.

We can discuss consultancy and services with any business and work together to find a way to work together to make your sportsbook better and your profits larger.

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