At Sportsbook Solutions we can provide a variety of services from consultancy to sportsbook services. All our contracts are bespoke, but see below for some examples of what we can offer to your business:

Sportsbook Management Services

Typically we split this into three parts:

Trading Management

  • Providing trading resource to companies who don’t have the access to this for reasons ranging from lack of local skill to lack of management knowledge.
  • Providing analysis of feeds being used and optimising these to suit the individual sportsbook. This is done to maximise profit and minimise risk.
  • Providing odds compilation for markets personal to the sportsbook itself. This can provide real local differentiation and show customers how much your business understands and reacts to the local environment.
  • Providing marketing suggestions. This can be by management of odds margins or by compilation of special markets. All to be done with the idea of maximum engagement at a minimum of risk to enhance Life Time Value of customers and profitability of the business.

Risk Room

  • The Risk Room is a pooled resource which a business can pool into staffed by Tier 1 level professionals.
  • The Risk Room has a large internal record of customers (both good and bad) and can therefore identify quickly to maximise profit and minimise loss.
  • Not all turnover is good turnover and many businesses bottom line is reduced by allowing bad customers to continue to play. Sportsbook Solutions fully trained staff will eliminate these players and improve the profits your business makes.

Full Management

  • Some companies may well wish to outsource their entire sportsbook management and Sportsbook Solutions can work with them to bespoke a solution to do this.
  • This would include those services that the individual business would require after consultation, but would typically include Trading, Risk Management (via Risk Room and extra if required) and any other services deemed necessary.
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